Why i have my love for dutch culture and food

The Netherlands is no exception to this truth. It is an amazing country with an even more amazing culture.

Why i have my love for dutch culture and food

Tweet There are many delicious Dutch delights which must be tried at least once. This is Part I in our Dutch Food series. Netherlands foods may not be as well-known as French or Chinese cuisines but there are many Dutch delights which must be tried at least once.

If you enjoy this list, check out the next editions: These tasty treats are prepared using a special pan with several shallow indentations in the bottom to hold the batter and make perfectly puffed small pancakes. Poffertjes are typically served topped with powdered sugar and butter.

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Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch food consumed in fall and winter when stands selling the delicious snack can be found at outdoor markets and on many street corners.

They are usually served on a little paper plate with a tiny fork for smearing the butter and stabbing the cakes to ferry into your mouth. The wind blowing the powdered sugar around covering your face and clothing in white dust is part of the fun!

The pancakes are sometimes eaten with other sweet toppings, such as stroop syrupslagroom whipped cream or aardbeien strawberries. In Amsterdam you can try poffertjes at lots of festivals, especially in the wintertime. Take a look at our agenda to see what is on in town right now!

Well, it turns out that apple pie is actually about as Dutch as it gets. The apple slices in the filling are flavored with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice. Common apple varieties called for in appeltaart recipes are Elstar, Gala and Goudreinet as they are crispy and not too sweet. Many Amsterdammers say the tastiest appletaart is found at Winkel or Papeneilandboth in the Jordaan near the Noorderkerk.

Served with a dollop of whipped cream, their pie surely is sweet and tasty. Winkel and Papeneiland both likely sell thousands of slices each Saturday when the bustling Noordermarkt farmers market takes place on their doorsteps. Be sure to try this famous Dutch food.

Want to make appeltaart at home? Check out this cookbook with traditional Dutch recipes. Bitterballen These savory orbs are battered in a crunchy breadcrumb coating and filled with a gooey mixture of chopped beef, beef broth, flour, butter, herbs and spices.

They are typically served with mustard for dipping.

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But be careful when you bite through the crunchy crust, the meaty ragout filling is often burning hot! The place with the widest variety of bitterballen like chorizo, goat cheese or truffle is definitely De Ballenbar at De Foodhallen!

A cousin to the bitterbal is the bigger, oblong shaped kroket. Bitterballen and kroket are some of the most famous Dutch foods, so you simply must sample them! Originally, the casing was made from natural gut membranes, but nowadays bovine collagen is often used. Today, this sausage is rarely smoked, rather it is produced in factories where smoke flavor is used.

But the real rookworst is made in a smoke house using fresh wood chips. Be sure to try it if you can find it! Rookworst is widely available in many supermarkets and butchers as it is very common in Dutch cuisine.

In fact, until stroopwafels were made only in Gouda and there were about bakeries selling these treats in that city alone. This sweet snack is a waffle cookie made from two thin layers of batter with a sticky syrup filling in the middle.

They can be purchased in packages at nearly every grocery store and bakery in the Netherlands, as well as freshly made at street stands at markets and festivals.This explains why the Dutch have some problems with Moroccan immigrants but not with Chinese immigrants.

The Chinese immigrants tend to adjust better to the Dutch culture. Another group of Asian people would be immigrants from Indonesia. I love hanging out with Dutch people. Yeah, I’ve met a few along my travels that aren’t the coolest or most interesting, but the majority of people from the Netherlands I’ve met are just really down to earth.

If a Dutch person ever offers you liquorice (Dutch drop) be very careful. It could be a trap. Some types of Dutch liquorice have a very extreme salty taste that will make everyone of . In fact, from my experience I'd say they have one of, if not the best reputations out of anyone.

many of the people I work for wont rent their vacation homes to them It's . Mar 04,  · We fell in love with the Nethertlands and decided to learn dutch language and to discover more information about culture and history of this lovely country.

Hope to find new friends who will share.

Why i have my love for dutch culture and food

A quick visit to the Rijksmuseum will prove that there was once plenty of passion for great food in this country, and a desire to flaunt it.

You only have to look at the stunning old Dutch still lifes, which were called pronk pieces (to pronk means to show off), to be convinced that .

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