The role of gods in ramayana essay

Hanuman is one of the most popular gods of Hinduism who played an important role in the incarnation of Lord Roma proved himself as his greatest devotee.

The role of gods in ramayana essay

Read this Essay to learn about Perennialism.

Who is Hanuman ?

After reading this Essay you will learn about: Introduction to Perennialism 2. Basic Principles of Perenialism 3. Emerged as an educational philosophy on the soil of America, Perennialism decried Pragmatic philosophy and its off-shoot progressive ideas, for the latter sought to replace the age old, time-honoured practices by the sweeping change as a result of findings of behavioural sciences.

Perennialism vehemently opposed the anti-intellectualism of the progressive thought and gave a clarion call for sticking to absolute values and standards which are eternal or perennial in nature. Stability is more valuable than change.

It out rightly rejected the temper of materialism and tenor of pragmatism. Change for change sake, novelty for novelty sake and progress for more progress are meaningless for the perennialists.

They appeal to certain moral standards, values, discipline and permanent order. They put emphasis on the permanence of aims, objectives and values of education and stood for injecting eternal truth in the minds of students for establishing a lasting peace and happiness in the world.

It stands for establishing a society based on culture of the age old past and permanent values. It made a strong protest against excessivism of the modern industrial society. It sought to revive the ancient culture along with recovery of classics and scholastic theses.

Therefore, it emerged as a reactionary movement against the contemporary western culture characterised by advanced science and progressive technology sans humanitarianism and rationalism.

Thus, it wanted to revive the glorious time-tested cultural practices. In simple words perennialism stresses on the cultivation of perennial or permanent truth of life to make life to make life meaningful and happier.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

In other words, it works like a harbinger of peace and enlightenment in the contemporary world marked by anxiety, precariousness, uncertainty, doubts, despondency, depravity, treachery, lechery, hatred and hypocrisy. Thomas Acquinas A. Cardinal Newman A. With the advent of twentieth century, when the world was engulfed by progressive ideas which stood for excessive change, novelty and progress along with its allied maladies to tread down the age-old values, ideals and time-honoured practices, a band of people rose to the occasion to obstruct the speed of progressive temper to establish permanent truth and values in the society.

They were Robert M. Robert Maynard Hutchins also supported the argument of Adler. Other persons who joined the reactionary movement were S. The supporters of this reactionary movement are called perennialists.

Basic Principles of Perenialism: Education should be same for everyone and everywhere: Opposing to the pragmatists notion that education should change from time to time, from place to place and from person to person, perennialists argue that since human nature is constant, education should be same for all.

Robert Maynard Hutchins says that the function of a citizen or a subject may vary from society to society but the function of a man as a man is the same in every age and in every society, for it results from his nature as a man. The aim of an educational system is the same in every age and in every society where such a system can exist, it is to improve man as a man.

Perennialists say that knowledge should be same everywhere for all times and knowledge is truth. Hence, acquisition of this knowledge or truth is the essence of education.

This knowledge is traced in our old classics, books, epics and literatures. Focuses on the Development of Rational Powers of Man: It is one of the dimensions of human nature that man is a different animal because of the presence of reason i.

The function of education is to sublimate animal instincts of the child and to cultivate reason or rationality in him.

The child is able to differentiate between the good and bad, fair and fraud, truth and falsehood. Therefore, rationality is surfaced over thinking, acting, feeling of the child.Introduction; Discussion that serves as preface for the entire content and discussion of the paper.

Gods as providers Laid out the proofs wherein the god-characters in the story Ramayana acted as providers for the human beings, particularly blessing King Dasaratha with a gift from the gods. An important part of any mythology is the genealogy of gods, kings, and heroes. The lordly families of Homeric and post-Homeric Greece traced their ancestry to the legendary heroes of the Trojan War — heroes who in turn traced their ancestry back to the gods.

The role of gods in ramayana essay

In Virgil’s Aeneid, gods play a vital role and are irreplaceable. They determine the destiny of mortals, including Aeneas, himself who draws much attention from the gods, especially since his mother Venus is a goddess herself.

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Free Essay on Homer's Odyssey: Role of the Gods - Role of the Gods in Homer's Odyssey In "The Odyssey", the gods generally bring about mixed emotions.

The humans in the poem are fearful of the gods because of their great power and influence in their lives-if they wanted you to fail, you would. Nov 27,  · View and download hinduism essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your hinduism essay.

Narayan, R.K. The Ramayana: A shortened modern prose version of the Indian epic. New York: Penguin Books, and Shiva. Each of these gods has its own expression and role in the Hindu. Hanuman, the monkey god, appears in the Ramayana as the cunning assistant of Rama in the siege of Lanka.

Skanda, the general of the army of the gods, is the son of Shiva and Parvati, as is Ganesha, the elephant-headed god of scribes and merchants, the remover of obstacles, and the object of worship at the beginning of any important enterprise.

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