The issue of censorship in the case of howard stern

Although the changes have gone unnoticed by most Americans, In the radio business they are felt day in and day out. You see the rule seems to change depending on who you are. If you are tagged by the FCC anything the broadcaster does or says is monitored and picked over and fined. King Of All Media.

The issue of censorship in the case of howard stern

Jan 08, Location: Sorry I am just not buying it. Hey I have no problem with you guys fighting this issue, but again I don't think most care that much about it. Remember the folks on this forum are a small, small footprint of the overall subscriber base.

Generally it is those that a bit more technical minded that find forums like this that are even aware that this is going on. If it isn't about hearing the filth then I stand corrected, but again I am not buying that a beep changes the meaning of a song when it replaces a curse word.

Howard Stern will not be censored anymore than Shade45 is censored. Just because certain channels won't be playing uncensored version doesn't mean you can't hear it on another that will. Though that may not be the case all the time. Also I am not passing judgement on any ones musical preferences or artist, I am simply giving an opposing view, which is just as valid as anyone elses.

I think it is great that folks are so passionate about hearing music in its raw form and I can even agree that is the way is should be played. But Sirius never promised that it would be that way on every single channel.

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Perhaps I am just more accepting. Its sort of like an audiophile versus the average listener. SQ is an issue for them whereas for the most of us it isn't. In my opinion this issue is the same. Those that are passionate about music to that degree will be more concerned about this issue than those that aren't.

I support your efforts, but have a different opinion so no offense was intended.Censorship! I’ve been a Howard Stern fan for years. During my last semester in college, when Howard was still at K-Rock, I was offered an internship at the show on which, unfortunately, I had to pass due to workload and scheduling.

Howard Stern and the Future of Media Censorship by Adam Thierer on October 11, I released a short essay today regarding the impact of Howard Stern’s move to satellite radio ont he future of media regulation and First Amendment jurisprudence.

With characteristic bravado, last week Howard Stern bid farewell to his "terrestrial radio" audience.

The issue of censorship in the case of howard stern

Henceforth, Stern fans will only be able to hear his unique brand of narcissistic pre-adolescent scatology and prurience by paying for a subscription to Sirius satellite radio. The religious groups to which Butterworth refers have remained uncommonly silent on the issue of morning radio shows.

So have media watchdog groups. The freedom on morning radio shows is a stark contrast to what some consider an atmosphere of artistic censorship prevailing in . If it turns into a major thing with Stern issuing a press conf.

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I think it should be noted but until then, I don't see why the show's page should be updated whenever O&A make a stink over Howard. If anything put it on the O&A page since in the context of that show it's a larger issue.

The Howard Stern Show aired for the last time on AM and FM airwaves on December 16, Background. FCC fines since the FCC believed there may have been some uncertainty as to the reach of the Carlin case, the FCC acted on December 18 to issue a combined $, NAL, rather than revoke its broadcasting licenses.

Howard Stern and the Future of Media Censorship