The assertiveness of gays and lesbians in expressing their rights within the american society

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The assertiveness of gays and lesbians in expressing their rights within the american society

The very word brings feelings of anxiety and nervousness to my heart. I am not assertive by nature. Or maybe I am and my nurture just smothered what assertiveness I did have. Now before I get fed to the beast myself, let me offer an example. This is true not so much because of the things that happened to me, but because of how I reacted to them.

I showed up to the first day of my Educ class this afternoon. So, I was a little stressed. As I always do I started to think about simple ways to avoid that which brings me pain—like changing my major—for the fourth time. So, on the verge of tears, I reached my car.

Tears were everywhere and loud, rather disturbing sobs filled the air of my Oldsmobile. The opposite of assertive.

I had a pretty darn urgent need for some support, friendship, and love. Failing to meet those need in a healthy way has always led to my finding some other way to, if nothing else, mask the need. The thought that no one cares about me in this lifestyle, maybe I should try the other one was only inches away.

The assertiveness of gays and lesbians in expressing their rights within the american society

Luckily, the assertive part of me, long buried made a glorious comeback. It knew that no one was going to come rescue me unless I took charge and asked for help. It was all my assertiveness could do, being weak from inactivity, to move my finger to the little green button on my phone.

Then in one final bust of strength, it plunged the finger downward. Long story made short: I started thinking more rationally, and things looked a lot brighter. I want to be more assertive in asking for my needs to be met, before those unmet needs mutiny.

So maybe that anxiety and nervousness are directed more at the change my life is about to experience as I begin to embrace the daunting, sometimes frightening, yet soul satisfying virtue of assertiveness.Marriage and Family chapter 3 and 4 quiz.

The assertiveness of gays and lesbians in expressing their rights within the american society

STUDY. PLAY. Americans are more likely to approve of a gay or lesbian lifestyle than of civil rights protections for gays or lesbians. t/f. Masters and Johnson view sex as _____ by which partners commit to expressing their sexual feelings with each other.

By comparison, 77% of gay men and 71% of lesbians say the important people in their life know about their sexual orientation. Relatively few bisexuals report that they have experienced discrimination because of their sexual orientation. Leighton, Jared E., "Freedom Indivisible: Gays and Lesbians in the African American Civil Rights Movement" ().

Remembering LGBT History: How World War II Changed Gay and Lesbian Life in America

Dissertations, Theses, & . Because of the homophobia within the African American community, African Ameri- can youth engaging in homosexual behavior perceive that their friends and neighbors are unsupportive (Siegel and Epstein ; Stokes, et al.

), and so they are often. As gay men and lesbians became more open and decided to "come out of the closet," U.S. society was challenged to question assumptions about most gay and lesbian rights activity remains local, national organizations such as the National Gay Task Force, the Lambda Defense and Education Fund, and the Human Rights .

The modern gay rights movement began dramatically in June in New York City's Greenwich Village. During a typical "raid," police tried to arrest people for their mere presence at a gay bar, but the patrons of the Stonewall Inn fought back - and the gay rights movement was launched.

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