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In the evening, drink a glass of wine on the veranda, taking in the view. Our location overlooking the lake is a haven of peace and relaxation away from the hectic everyday life. From our property across the street and there is the lake.

Site de rencontre pour personnes handicapees gratuit

Our thanks go to the following translators, proof-readers and coordinators: Sustainable Development and Community Engagement Session 2: Management, Documentation Session 3: Recreating Ideas of Memory.

The symposium explores four of the major issues in heritage management today: A range of traditional paper presentations and a diversity of knowledge cafes, information sessions and side events will provide memorable intellectual engagement in these topics, all set amongst the stimulating cultural experience that is the city of New Delhi.

The Symposium Scientific Committee and our Indian hosts have provided a multitude of opportunities for delegates to consider their own professional practice in the light of new and emerging discourses and through exposure to an incredible diversity of case studies - making it challenging to decide on which symposium session to attend!

The Scientific Symposium Committee hopes that each session will provide global insights on approaches to heritage identification, cultural engagement and heritage protection.

There are uplifting examples of cases successfully negotiating diverse challenges to collectively safeguard our past, and papers that chart the encouraging development of new methodologies and practical tools to support professionals and communities implementing heritage conservation initiatives.

There are knowledge cafes to debate detail with colleagues in new networks and share experiences, and every symposium session has been designed to facilitate interaction between participants.

Site de rencontre pour personnes handicapees gratuit

We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the 19 th General Assembly of ICOMOS to personally engage with the speakers, delegates and colleagues, to refresh your knowledge and sustain your commitment. The underlying principle of equity in sustainable urban development also necessitates recognition of cultural rights the right to sense of belonging for all citizens and the right to participate in the cultural economy of the place.

These themes will be framed in a keynote address by Dr.

Site de rencontre pour personnes handicapees gratuit

The selection of symposium papers for this sub theme was co-ordinated by chairs Jigna Desai and Peter Cox. Presentations will critically analyse policies, projects, community initiatives and theoretical models, often in the context of transnational objectives of conservation.

Paper propose new management and documentation methodologies and alternative approaches to regulation and guidelines, as well as examining world heritage tests of authenticity and integrity in diverse contexts.

The response to this theme by speakers was prodigious, and as a result, three simultaneous sessions will be presented in sub theme Sustainable development and Community Engagement 2. Management and Documentation 3 7 3. Some events result in complete destruction, others are targeted to erase identity, while in many cases, new meaning and associations emerge out of total annihilation, some leading to veneration of what remains, others to unwanted and vulnerable sites.

Presentations in Session 1 examine the approaches, tools and techniques at work in various case studies of reconstruction and restoration in conflict affected areas.

Session 2 is devoted to heritage as peace builder, with case studies of community reaction and benefits, and Session 3 is focused on the ideas of identity and safety conveyed through heritage places and values. This sub theme is chaired by Moulshri joshi and Samir Abdulac and the keynote address for this subtheme will be delivered by Dr.

Digital empowerment is already impacting documentation, treatments, scientific testing, monitoring, interpretation and archiving, as well as a wide range of interpretation actions. Papers to be presented on this subtheme examine the realities of accessibility and best practice in the dissemination of information, asking whether digital technology can render decision-making, interpretation and conservation itself, more democratic.Sites de rencontres pour personnes seules Site internet rencontre payants Sites de rencontre canadien gratuit Site de rencontre rasta Femme senegal cherche mari Meilleur site de rencontre campagne Site de rencontre au senegal pour les adolescent Cherche femme a bordeaux Recherche des sites de rencontre belge Site de rencontre gratuit .

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