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Share term papers twilight

Free Essays Must Be Free! TM Twilight In The Wilderness Essay While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements.

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Waste no more time! Twilight in the Wilderness by Frederick Edwin Church is a picture of nature at its finest and it says a lot about the American identity at the time it was painted.

Church painted Twilight in the Wilderness in the s, near the time of the Cival War.

Share term papers twilight

The painting is of a brilliant sunset in the mountain wilderness. The painting suggests many of the defining ideas of the time such as manifest destiny and the idea of nature being next to god. Twilight in the Wilderness is the perfect American painting.

Americans at this time in history did not appreciate nature in and of itself. Nature was seen for its practical values, not its beauty.

A tract of land would be seen for the lumber growing on it, the drinking water flowing through it, and the gold under it. It is around the time this painting was painted that Americans began to see something in nature beyond its practical values.

They began to see nature as having spiritual values as well. There had always been naturalists, like Frederick Church, and his spiritual mentor Alexander Van Humboldt, but they were not respected and their opinions were dismissed by most who heard what they have to say.

America had such a vast untapped wilderness that Americans basically took it for granted. Huntington says Twilight in the Wilderness is the ultimate wilderness landscape high art rooted in the depths of American experience. This painting is the descendant of those early confrontations with reality and those early, borrowed, world-purgation subjects that Church painted in his youth.


He was not trying to impress anyone by making nature seem better than it was, he was simply trying to show humanity what nature had to offer. He tried to paint factual and realistic paintings. Twilight in the Wilderness is a very well-done painting technically as well. The brightly colored sky is as authentic as the photographs of clouds which he studied.

As New World man and therefore Nature s favorite, he was quite content with nature as she was. Her meaning was self-evident to the initiated. His responsibility to humanity on this side of the Atlantic was not to manipulate but to re-create nature, quintessential nature.

Twilight in the Wilderness does reflect several aspects of the culture of America of the s. It is important to remember that this America was a country divided and about to go to war with itself.

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Enjoying the beauty of nature was probably one of the last things on the mind of the men going to fight and kill each other. Since the frontier had moved well west by this point, and the east was fairly stable, surviving in the wilderness was not something that most people had to face. Once one was no longer competing with nature to survive, then they can begin to sit back and enjoy its beauty.

This is what is happening at this point.

Share term papers twilight

People are beginning to understand and enjoy the beauty of nature. Nature is also beginning to be associated with God. People are sensing a spirituality and calming effect in those frontier lands so sparsely populated. The sky in Twilight in the Wilderness is a very forboding sky.

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