Sbs paper terminology

An adhesive applied to the glue flap during the finishing process of a folding carton. The act of applying the glue during the finishing process of a folding carton.

Sbs paper terminology

Uses these 4 ink colors to make any number of colors: Sbs paper terminology air dries and creates a shiny or matte depending on what you request protective finish.

It is a very popular coating option and protects the packaging against smudges and dirt. AQ coatings will also dramatically slow down the yellowing effect of age on the paperboard B Flute Corrugated substrate thicker than E flute Blank or Box Blank A flat piece of corrugated that has been cut and scored ready to be joined to make a box Bleed Printing past the cut or score area in order to ensure full and total ink coverage Box Style A distinctive box configuration that describes the box regardless of box size or material used.

The coated side is a smooth texture and the other pulpy or rough looking. Caliper Used synonymously with points "pt" The measurement for thickness of paperboard.

It is usually expressed a thousandths of an inch mils in the U. Carton Folding Carton Any box style that can fold and ship flat and is not corrugated material. Used mostly for retail consumer goods and not as a shipping container. CCNB Clay coated news back board CCNB Recycled paperboard that is not bleached, has a white on 1 side that has been clay coated and the other side of the sheet is gray like a newspaper.

It is used for promotional purposes and also offers the opportunity to inspect all facets of the packaging and make alterations, if necessary, prior to mass production.

Co-Packer or Contract Packer A company hired to manufacture and package products for another company. This model is very popular in the food, pet food, and cosmetic industries.

Consider any company that has private labeling such as Whole Food's "" product range. Corrugated Fiberboard Commonly known to as cardboard boxes, this sturdy board is typically made up of three layers. A wavy or fluted layer the medium is sandwiched between two flat layers known as linerboard.

Also referred to as combined board. Counter Display Box A box that usually either sits on a counter or shelf at a cash register, holds multiple units, and the top of the box fold ups and inward to display information about the product.

Custom Packaging Any packaging that is not considered stock packaging. Most packaging we encounter in our daily lives is custom packaging with the exception of bottles and cans although they too have a custom label printed on them.

Die 1 The shape of the entire box dimensions opened flat. Die Line or Dieline The digital file of the die that is used to place the packaging graphics on.

Folding Carton Terminology

It shows all the outlines, glue areas, fold lines etc. Die Making The physical creation of the dieline out of metal or plastic. Die Plate A metal sheet containing the etched imagery of the graphic design for your packaging.

This metal sheet is mounted on a roll which grabs ink from an ink chamber and is then transferred onto paperboard.

Digital Much like a home printer except much largerit is a press that has cartridges that can make a variety of colors. These colors are applied to a sheet all at one time as it passes through. Direct Print Direct print, in packaging, means to print directly onto the packaging material or substratewhether it be plastic or paper paperboard, cardboard etc.

The contrast to this would be to print a label, for instance, and have it laminated, mounted, or heat sealed onto the main substrate, corrugated board as an example. Another example is custom printing on shrink film that is then heat sealed onto a bottle.

The direct print in this scenario is not having a film layer but instead direct printing onto the bottle material itself and usually before its converts to a bottle shape.

E Flute Corrugated substrate thicker than paperboard and is generally use for shipping product or to house heavier products. Also used for point-of-purchase displays. Flexographic Printing AKA Flexo - For printing on flexible packaging but is also used for other types of packaging or applications - uses rubber or plastic plates and fast drying inks.

Flute or Corrugation The wavy shape of the medium that makes up corrugated board. The destination in usually at some distribution facility or the manufacturing facility itself. Fulfillment Center Refers to a facility of hand labor where a product is put in its packaging, then into shipping boxes and onto pallets ready for distribution.

Lead Time The time it takes for the completion of a stage of the packaging buying process. Or the lead time for the transit of packaging to arrive from point A to point B.Reprographic paper: Reprographic paper is multi-purpose paper designed for use in copy machines, laser printers, ink-jet printers and plain paper faxes.

It is often referred to as dual purpose paper. It is often referred to as dual purpose paper. Use the Graphic Communications paper glossary of terms to understand paper definitions like an industry expert.

Sbs paper terminology

Print Solutions Paper Solutions Paper Suppliers Paper Calculators Paper Glossary Postal Services Environmental Services About Us Our Values Our Team SBS. A coated paper used on the inside of boxes, which are used for food. Box Paper (of Plain or coated papers usually colored and embossed.

Cardboard (of Cardboard A thick, stiff paper produced by pasting multiple layers of paper together. Terminology On Paper & Pulp: Types of Paper and Containerboard, SBS (Solid Bleach Sulfate) Coated Uncoated. 3 Examples of Containerboard Grades/Mead Corporation: (Refer to the Glossary for the Explanation of the Terms) As the paper passes from one drier to the next, first the felt side and then the wire side comes in contact.

Paperboard Calculator We understand that you rely on us for more than paperboard. In order to provide the best service possible, WestRock has developed roll, sheet and metric conversion calculators to .

Here is a list of some packaging industry terminology you should know. Box Styles. Folding Carton Styles; Corrugated Box Styles; Rigid Box Styles (Set-Up Boxes) SBS Board: Solid Bleached Sulfate board (SBS), a high quality substrate of paperboard packaging.

A process by which the printing press takes sheets of paper whose paper size is.

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