Problems faced by students of open and distance learning

Issues and Challenges in Open and Distance e-Learning: Perspectives from the Philippines Patricia Arinto University of the Philippines Abstract Rapid advances in information and communications technology in the digital age have brought about significant changes in the practice of distance education DE worldwide.

Problems faced by students of open and distance learning

NOUN focuses mainly on open and distance teaching and learning system, and delivers its courses materials via print in conjunction with information and communication technology ICTwhen applicable.

Results of the study showed that students generally have a positive perception and attitude towards ODL, compared to traditional forms of higher education. Being the only method of distance education available at the time, a large number of secretarial, commercial, and middle level administrators were trained using this mode of education.

Many early nationalist leaders in Nigeria were also trained through this modality before they had the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom to further their education Adesina, Training was later extended to the preparation of students for the General Certificate Examinations — Ordinary and Advance levels — by notable institutions such as the Rapid Results College, Wolsey College, as well as Cambridge University and University of London Owoeye, Delivery from foreign providers stopped, however, when Nigeria assumed full independence.

At this time, internal developments began in many sectors of the Nigeria economy, including education. The dynamics of globalization, plus the introduction of information and communication technologies ICTresulted in a tidal wave of information that has, in many cases, overwhelmed many countries around the world in the last few decades.

This has resulted in radical changes in the educational needs of individuals and society at large, and is reflected in the emerging need for additional specializations in learning.

Because the world of work is more complex and fluid, newer approaches to working and learning are in demand; and more than ever before, educational institutions are required to imbue their students with functional lifelong learning skills they need to survive and meet the changes of the twenty-first century.

In Nigeria, there exists a wide gulf between the demands for spots in the educational system at the tertiary level versus the actual number admitted annually see Table 1. Number of applicants and number of students admitted to higher education programs in Nigeria Source: Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, This lack of capacity has brought to fore the issue of open and distance learning ODL as an innovative and cost effective approach to the educative process.

To bridge the gap between participants in the instructional process, ODL offers structured learning in which the instructor and students are separated by time and space, making use of instructional materials such as print materials, audio and video cassettes, CD ROMs, television and radio broadcasts, as well as multimedia components such as computers and satellites transmission Peat and Helland Many ODL institutions encourage students to attend tutorials in addition to academic counselling services as made available as complements to the tutorial sessions.

To foster interaction between learners, in certain cases, online support is offered through real time chat, advice, and email discussion groups with staff and other students Ray and Day In many respects, however, ODL remains an alien system of inculcating knowledge to students, who are more accustom to conventional universities.

Thus, because students are new to ODL and its innovations, opportunity for confusion exists. This study assesses post graduate students' attitude and perceptions of distance learning institutions in Nigeria towards the quality and standard of training obtainable at their institutions, compared to that of the conventional institutions where many had been enrolled prior to joining the distance learning institution.

NTI courses are offered predominantly through the print media.

Students want support

Efforts were made to further disseminate instruction with the aid of an FM radio station donated by the Commonwealth of Learning.

This represented the first attempt to make use of instructional technology in distance learning settings in Nigeria, and led to further attempts by the National Open University of Nigeria NOUN to teach their students using multi-media instructional technology.

Tutorials were also organised at study centres, which are scattered all over the country.

Problems faced by students of open and distance learning

NOUN has 23 study centres where tutorial facilitations are carried out face-to-face by part-time appointed facilitators, whilst NTI offers similar services at their study centres located across the country. A new dimension was introduced into the Nigerian educational system in with the re-opening of the National Open University of Nigeria NOUNwhich was closed 18 years earlier due to political upheaval in Nigeria.

The Problems Faced by Students in Distance Learning | Synonym

The reopening of NOUN brought into ascendancy the use of distance education required to meet general demands for quality higher education in all spheres of study. Unlike conventional educational delivery methods, there are no structured face-to-face contacts between the students and the teachers.The Problems Faced by Students in Distance Learning By Jennifer Brozak ; Updated September 26, One of the problems distance-learning students must face: the potential for procrastination.

Problems faced by students of open and distance learning

University, Student, Education - Problems Faced By Student Students. Essay on Common Problems Faced by International Students in the UK - In the last few years, studying abroad has become an increasingly popular choice for higher education among international students .

Another problem facing distance-learning students is the level and type of interactivity. Similar to the issue surrounding support, the lack of face-to-face interactions between student, teacher and other classmates can be problematic for those new to the distance-learning environment.

The present paper aims at discussing concept of distance education, problems faced by distant learners and problem associated with distance education system.

The study makes an effort to provide suggestive solutions for the betterment of the distance and open learning system. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: Objectives of the study were: 1.

Challenges for Open and Distance learning (ODL) Students: Experiences from Students of the Zimbabwe Open University Maxwell C.C. Musingafi 1* Barbra Mapuranga 2 Kudzai Chiwanza 3 Shupikai Zebron 4 1.

The Problems Faced by Students in Distance Learning | Synonym

Zimbabwe Open University, Development Studies, Masvingo Regional Campus 2. Zimbabwe Open University, Disability Studies, Mashonaland East 3. Reflections on Student Support in Open and Distance Learning. Alan Tait, Guest Editor Faculty of Education and Language Studies Open University UK This is a very interesting moment to reflect on Student Support in Open and Distance Learning (ODL).