Industry cross sell

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Industry cross sell

Licensed income tax preparers can offer insurance and investment products to their tax clients, and this is among the easiest of all sales to make. Effective cross-selling is a good business practice and is a useful financial planning strategy, as well. Often, up-selling is confused with cross-selling.

Up-selling is the act of selling a more comprehensive or higher-end version of the current product. Cross-selling is the act of selling a different product than what exists to provide an additional benefit to the customer.

Industry cross sell

The Emergence of Cross-Selling in Financial Services Until the s, the financial services industry was easy to navigate, with banks offering savings accounts, brokerage firms selling stocks and bonds, credit card companies pitching credit cards, and life insurance companies selling life insurance.

That changed when Prudential Insurance Company, the most prominent insurance company in the world at that time, acquired a medium-sized stock brokerage firm call Bache Group Inc.

It was the first significant effort at creating broad service offerings for financial services. Subsequently, other big mergers followed, such as Sears Roebuck credit cards and Dean Witter stocks, bonds, and money market fundsand American Express Company credit cards with Shearson Loeb Rhoades stocks and bonds.

The acquisitions held the intent of achieving greater scale in the sale of their banking products. To a large extent, they were aiming to expand their retail distribution arms by buying large and established distribution channels.

Both banks placed a heavy emphasis on cross-selling as a strategy to regain profitability. With few exceptions, cross-selling failed to catch on within many of the merged companies.

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Conflicting sales cultures and resentment among sales representatives, forced to sell outside their area of expertise, have been challenging obstacles to overcome.

Wells Fargo is more effective instituting cross-selling, because its merger brought together two similar cultures.Nov 22,  · The financial services firm USAA prizes its relationships with customers and consistently earns the highest customer loyalty scores in the industry for .

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Muddy Waters LLC has initiated coverage on RINO International Corp. (RINO) with a Strong Sell rating and a $ price target.

RINO claims to be the leader in selling desulfurization (“FGD”) and other environmental equipment to Chinese steel mills. It reported revenue of $ million. In reality its revenue is under $15 million, and . Articles covering modern finance solutions, sales and marketing planning, master data strategy, supply chain insights and B2B tips by Dun & Bradstreet.

Not Invented Here: Cross-industry Innovation [Ramon Vullings, Marc Heleven] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. NOT INVENTED HERE cross industry innovation: strategies & tools What can a hospital learn from a hotel? How can a car manufacturer use tools from the games industry?

Industry cross sell

Where can a chemical company apply principles from a festival organiser? We’re Your Partner, Not Merely Your Provider A learning initiative is a huge investment that needs to return measurable results.

CrossKnowledge doesn’t just sell you another learning product and drop it .

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