Ideas to write a story about yahoo news

Denies any fact that does not fit into his theory of how things work. Instantly knows what others feel. Disorganized but always knows where everything is. Always hides cash in his sock, shorts, bra, etc.

Ideas to write a story about yahoo news

Here are some other ways to keep the words flowing. Re-imagine a real event Think of something that happened to you, or someone you know, or someone in a news story, and ask yourself, "What if?

What if you decided to get revenge on your evil coworker? What if your neighbor is really living a double life? Come up with an interesting situation and try to imagine as realistically as possible how it would play out. Think of a strong emotion for example: Quickly write a list of ten situations which would inspire that emotion for example: Choose some of those situations and make them more specific.

Come up with several scenarios for each one. Now, take some of these scenarios, and make them even more specific. Maybe it is a case of sexual harassment. Or maybe an envious coworker is telling lies about her Keep going, getting more and more specific, until you find a story you want to write. Tell it out loud Having trouble writing?

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Go get a voice recording device your cell phone might have this function and just talk to it. Describe the scene you wanted to write. Next, transcribe the recording. Just play the recording and write or type your words. Now you no longer have to face a blank page. You have a written text that you can use as a starting point.

Read what you have and decide what to add, to cut, to rearrange. Start building it into a draft of a story. Build on a name Go to a phone book, and pick a name at random.

Try to picture how someone with this name might look. I imagine Tatiana Zeleny as in her early twenties with long dyed black hair, a round pasty face, ice blue eyes, crooked teeth, and elaborate silver jewelry. There is no right or wrong to this -- just try to form a mental image of a person.

Ask yourself more questions about this person. A family or relationship? You can use our character questionnaire to develop a fictional character.Mar 24,  · I have to write a narrative story for twelth grade English at school. I need to decide what it will be about.

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The topic is on 'journey' and it can't be cliched, overused or really common. My teacher says the markers are looking for original ideas and something interesting to read.

Status: Resolved. If you’re looking for ideas for a rap song or any other genre, plan your song lyric theme using the chart below. Pick a subject. Set the time. Decide whether when you write a song it will be written about someone else or will the singer be talking about themselves?

Decide the emotion you want to portray. Nov 01,  · Ideas can come from anywhere, but firstly you have to decide what kind of story you want to write.

For example, it could be filled with lots of action, it could be a drama, a comedy, a horror, romance, or science Resolved.

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Free Fictional Character Ideas | Be the Story Subscribe to our FREE email newsletter and download free character development worksheets! Klems January 9, We all have a million excellent ideas for stories, but, without fail, they magically disappear the minute we sit down to write.
Thought Box Another suggestion would be to update a classic myth or fairy tale. There's a collection of short stories that I read called Half Human and all the stories about kids who aren't completely human.
Ideas for writing a children's story? | Yahoo Answers One went to John Coltrane who died inthe fourth time a jazz musician has been honored. The other went to Ray Bradbury, the first time a writer of science fiction and fantasy has been honored.

Journalism U.S. Government U.S. Foreign Policy U.S. Liberal Politics For a reporter, it's not hard to find things to write about when a big news story is breaking.

But what about those slow news days when there are no fires, homicides or press.

ideas to write a story about yahoo news

The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas. We all have a million excellent ideas for stories, but, without fail, they magically disappear the minute we sit down to write. It seems impossible, but it happens constantly.

ideas to write a story about yahoo news
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