How to write a sports preview article

By appealing to both sports fans and other readers, sports articles capture emotions and action through interviews and descriptions while also presenting objective statistics about the subject. Regardless of the topic, good sports writing combines strong research with vivid detail to bring the personalities and drama of athletics to life. By contrast, a news article about a sporting event might use the inverted pyramid structure, where the piece opens by telling readers who won the game, then gives highlights and details in subsequent paragraphs. Find the Story While the majority of your readers probably will be sports fans, a good sports article offers a human interest link that will draw in other readers as well.

How to write a sports preview article

What made matters worse publicly was that Pacquiao, who was rumored to be upset at Roach for telling him he should retire after the Horn loss, never told his former coach of the decision and left him to find out through the media. Pacquiao also insisted on his fledgling promotional outfit to handle the fight and not Top Rank, which claims it still holds the fighter under contract.

how to write a sports preview article

Should Pacquiao enter the fight as unprepared as he looked against Horn, it's no question that Matthysse is the wrong opponent to be facing.

Although the former interim pound titleholder has typically lost throughout his career when stepping up to the elite level, he's riding a two-fight win streak following a disappointing stoppage loss to Viktor Postol in and remains a dangerous puncher with bad intentions.

Whether or not we end up seeing the Pacquiao of old or simply an old Pacquiao, the potential for action remains high, especially with both fighters operating within the twilight of their respective careers.

This is a matchup fans would've went gonzo for just five years ago and one that holds a special footnote since Matthysse was once publicly labeled "the new Manny Pacquiao" by former promoter Richard Schaeffer after his knockout of Lamont Peterson.

Fight prediction Pacquiao's focus level and physical state remain the key intangible as to just how competitive or dangerous this fight will end up being. One thing going in Pacquiao's favor is that we have been here before, ready to write him off as an elite fighter after losses to Marquez and Floyd Mayweather, only to see him return as a refined and more cautious boxer.

What will be most interesting to see is whether Pacquiao can reinvent himself again, and still retain enough speed and craft to outclass the less refined Matthysse.


The other factor if you're building a case for Pacquiao would be how much Matthysse has revealed himself, at times, to be a front runner. While he deserves plenty of credit for biting down and outlasting John Molina Jr.

Regardless of which version of Pacquiao shows up, it's likely he's going to have to channel his brawling spirit of old in order to hurt Matthysse should he hope to keep his opponent off of him.

how to write a sports preview article

But while Matthysse enters as likely the bigger puncher, largely because Pacquiao hasn't recorded a knockout this decade, Pacquiao still excels at landing awkward punches you don't see coming. Expect Matthysse to make things uncomfortable and even hurt and knock down Pacquiao. But you can also expect to see PacMan dig in and maybe have to pour out the jar for the kind of final stand that every great fighter seems to produce not long before being forced to call it quits.Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

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Additionally, special, not generic beginning and the end of any match preview will help you to stand out and enable bigger visibility and importance to you and your articles.

“Ordinary” match preview vs match betting preview. Most of the freelance writers will write both of those types of articles. Manny Pacquiao vs.

Lucas Matthysse fight prediction, date, card, odds, preview, expert pick This very well may be Pacquiao's last stand as a top fighter. Nov 16,  · Read the Latest Entertainment and Celebrity News, TV News and Breaking News from Writing soft news articles In the soft news article, you are not bound by the traditional rules of journalism.

While a hard news story is meant to be read quickly, a soft news story is in no such hurry.

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