How to write a feature article ppt slides

Make sure slide contents can be read in the order that you intend. Use the Accessibility Checker to find slides that have possible problems with reading order.

How to write a feature article ppt slides

Open Sankore covers whole computer screen Features of open-sankore I am listing most of the features of open-sankore so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Designed specially for teachers There are software, designed specially for smart board but this one is special because it is designed with the help of teachers for teachers.

It has a lot of tools with many options, but you will not find it difficult to find a tool or reach to a tool.

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Instead, you will spend your time only in teaching and make study interesting for students. A comprehensive set of tools The tools, provided in open-sankore, can be divided into two sets traditional tools and ICT tools.

Traditional teaching tools Traditional teaching tools are the tools that you use in a classroom without a computer. For example, pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, compass, calculator and many others.

Some of these traditional tools are shown in the image given below. A geography teacher might use Google maps, a math teacher can use mathematical function drawing program. Almost all teachers use internet, audios, videos, images and animations.

These all tools are integrated into open-sankore. If you want to visit a website you can use integrated web browser; similarly, you can embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in open-sankore. You can upload your audios, videos, images and flash animation files in open-sankore.

Wikipedia in open-sankore 5. Create ScreenCast If you create educational videos or want to record everything you teach in class. You do not need to use another application to record screen. Open-Sankore has an inbuilt podcast recording feature. With this option, you can record all your activities on open-sankore with audio and save it as a video on computer or publish it directly on YouTube.

Podcast feature in open-sankore 6. Annotate desktop Open-sankore also allows you to use all its tools on the desktop. This feature is useful if you want to draw on desktop or any other application on your computer. I used it to annotate code:: Desktop annotation is possible 7.

Import ppt and pdf Sometimes you create learning material in PowerPoint slides or pdf. You can import these files in open-sankore and use all features of open-sankore on these files to teach effectively.

how to write a feature article ppt slides

Each page of ppt or pdf loads in a separate page of the open-sankore document. You can also import images, iweb files, folder of images in open-sankore.

Document Sharing Once you finish teaching, you can share the open-sankore file in shareable formats. Open-sankore allows you to export the document in pdf format. You can also share open-sankore files directly to sankore web. The podcast saves as shareable video format which can be uploaded to various video sharing sites or your server.

Your document remains available on open-sankore even if you do not save it. All documents, you worked on, can be found under Documents menu, available at the top-right corner of the software.

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Everything in one software Open-sankore team integrated everything in one software. Web, audio, video, animation and teaching tools all are available in one software. It means you do not need to switch to another application while teaching with open-sankore.

If you have ppt or pdf you can import it in open-sankore and if you want all sets of features to remain available in desktop then you can switch to desktop mode.

You can also record ScreenCasts from open-sankore. It automatically saves all your documents. The latest version as on 30 March is 2.By entering your content in the outline mode, you make sure slides use the placeholders and slide layouts properly.

This is especially important for proper text flow in your finished presentation. You can add the watermark to all slides at once (by editing the slide master), or to individual slides. The procedure is the same, except for the starting point, as explained in step 1. To add a watermark to an individual slide, open that slide in Normal view.

ER Tufte has published several books on how to present ideas visually, maintaining a high signal:noise ration. In this brief, wisely written short essay Tufte shows how powerpoint presentations can and have destroyed good ideas.

Smartboard, also known as interactive board, is being used in institutions. Interactive board allows a teacher to use hands for interaction (click, scroll, zoom, etc.) which remove the dependency on input tools like a mouse or digital pen tablet.

This feature of smart board allows a teacher to use an interactive board as a traditional [ ]. History Creation at Forethought (–) PowerPoint was created by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at a software startup in Silicon Valley named Forethought, Inc. Forethought had been founded in to create an integrated environment and applications for future personal computers that would provide a graphical user interface, but it had run into difficulties requiring a "restart" and.

EasyBib: Free Bibliography Generator - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles Extended support for USB audio devices:
Was this information helpful? Clear and to the Point What is the Rule of Thirds? The Rule of Thirds is a guideline for composition that suggests placing key graphic elements along lines which divide your image into thirds, or at the intersections of those lines.

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