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Globe business plan philippines

I am very disappointed with customer service hotline number! Jean Reply This is to call your attention and formally file a complaint regarding my experience with your customer service personnel at Powerplant Mall, Makati.

I am an expat and on August 11,I decided to have a Globe postpaid account.

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I have been working in Manila for 5 years, and all those years, I had a Globe prepaid account. I received the phone in good faith, as would a regular customer. I took care of the phone. Just to share a bit of myself here, I am a very meticulous and careful person.

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On August 14, barely 3 days after using the phone, I noticed a discoloration on the left side of the screen. I was busy working but intended to raise the concern the following day to Globe office.

The following day August 15the screen discoloration spread to the rest of the screen. I went to Globe Powerplant at 11am and discussed the matter with your front desk customer service Ms. I was told that my phone will be inspected by the technician, and they will come back to me after days regarding the diagnosis.

I was not issued a service phone as replacement to the phone that was retrieved from me. I have been told as well that there must have been some weight or pressure exerted on the phone which resulted to the discoloration. I explained to your Globe representative that there was no weight nor pressure.

I was careful as always on the device. I was told as well that there is an option, and that is to have it repaired by Samsung.

globe business plan philippines

This will cost me Php6, Despite several explanations, your Globe representative insisted that the decision is from Samsung and they Globe will abide to the decision of Samsung. I do not know if your frontliners know the concept of customer service.

I am your customer, not Samsung. Samsung is your provider. Your customer service representative made me feel that my statement has no weight. Samsung is also the one who diagnosed the problem. If you continue to conduct business in this manner, you will have unsatisfied and unhappy customers.

I previously believed in Globe. I had thought that this is a company with integrity and concern on their customers. After 5 days of postpaid account with Globe, I finally decided to cut my subscription. Your customer service personnel is terrible. You put more concern on the business of your supplier that your customer.

You do not even put a grain of salt on the statement by your customer. And I hope that your customer service team is trained how to do active listening and not just a parrot your policies.

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Do you have a manager at Powerplant Branch? There was no intervention done despite my request to talk to the manager. This really concerns me as well as the fact that I cannot contact a representative.

The account number in the email is: Can a representative please contact me concerning this matter? Shiela Reply I just want to talk to someone from cx care but it actually routed to an automated sys.

I just wanna know what happened with my broadband wifi internet. It reduces speed during night time. I dialedi just want to talk to someone not pressing those suggestions.

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