An introduction to the history and life of malcolm x

Visit Website After the eighth grade, Malcolm dropped out of school, headed for a life of crime. Turning to an ascetic way of life and reading widely, he began to overcome the degradation he had known. He became a loyal disciple and adopted X—symbolic of a stolen identity—as his last name. After six years Malcolm was released from prison.

An introduction to the history and life of malcolm x

Police ruled both incidents as accidents, but the Littles were certain that members of the Black Legion were responsible. Louise suffered emotional breakdown several years after the death of her husband and was committed to a mental institution, while her children were split up among various foster homes and orphanages.

Inthey were arrested and convicted on burglary charges, and Malcolm was sentenced to 10 years in prison, although he was granted parole after serving seven years. Recalling his days in school, he used the time to further his education.

Muhammad taught that white society actively worked to keep African-Americans from empowering themselves and achieving political, economic, and social success. Among other goals, the NOI fought for a state of their own, separate from one inhabited by white people.

Intelligent and articulate, Malcolm was appointed as a minister and national spokesman for the Nation of Islam.

An introduction to the history and life of malcolm x

Elijah Muhammad also charged him with establishing new mosques in cities such as Detroit, Michigan, and Harlem. His charisma, drive, and conviction attracted an astounding number of new members.

An introduction to the history and life of malcolm x

Malcolm was largely credited with increasing membership in the NOI from in to 30, in The crowds and controversy surrounding Malcolm made him a media magnet. After the special, Malcolm was faced with the uncomfortable reality that his fame had eclipsed that of his mentor Elijah Muhammad.

He learned that his mentor and leader, Elijah Muhammad, was secretly having relations with as many as six women within the Nation of Islam organization.

As if that were not enough, Malcolm found out that some of these relationships had resulted in children. Since joining the NOI, Malcolm had strictly adhered to the teachings of Muhammad, which included remaining celibate until his marriage to Betty Shabazz in Malcolm also felt guilty about the masses he had led to join the NOI, which he now felt was a fraudulent organization built on too many lies to ignore.

Shortly after his shocking discovery, Malcolm received criticism for a comment he made regarding the assassination of President John F. Malcolm, however, suspected he was silenced for another reason.

That same year, Malcolm went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, which proved to be life altering for him. For the first time, Malcolm shared his thoughts and beliefs with different cultures and found the response to be overwhelmingly positive.

This time when Malcolm spoke, instead of just preaching to African-Americans, he had a message for all races. After Malcolm resigned his position in the Nation of Islam and renounced Elijah Muhammad, relations between the two had become increasingly volatile.

After repeated attempts on his life, Malcolm rarely traveled anywhere without bodyguards. Luckily, the family escaped physical injury. They shot him 15 times at close range.

After the ceremony, friends took the shovels away from the waiting gravediggers and buried Malcolm themselves. Later that year, Betty gave birth to their twin daughters. The three men were all members of the Nation of Islam. A tremendous resurgence of interest occurred in when director Spike Lee released the acclaimed movie, Malcolm X.Malcolm X’s life can be viewed in three phases–his life before prison, life in prison, and life after prison.

Before changing his name to Malcolm X, young Malcolm Little was known in his Harlem circle as “Detroit Red”–a nickname that referenced his previous hometown and his hair’s natural tint.

Watch video · Malcolm X (May 19, to February 21, ) was a minister, human rights activist and prominent black nationalist leader who served as a spokesman for .

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Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam

Muhammad’s thesis that the white man is the devil with whom blacks cannot live had a strong impact on Malcolm. Turning to an ascetic way of life and reading widely, he began to overcome the. Malcolm X (–) was an American Muslim minister and human rights his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans; detractors accused him of preaching racism and violence.

He has been called one of the greatest .

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Haley coauthored The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and also performed the basic functions of a ghostwriter and biographical amanuensis, writing, compiling, and editing the Autobiography based on more than 50 in-depth interviews he conducted with Malcolm .

Introduction. Written by Alex Haley, a journalist by profession, The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a description of Malcolm’s life in a country dominated with racial discrimination, poverty, abuse of drugs, and uses Malcolm as the persona to bring out the themes of racial discrimination, poverty, and crime in the story.

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