2012 renault fluence business plan

Story Bajaj-Renault small car to hit the roads by end "The work on the model design is very much in progress. In three months, we will come up with the draft model, which will be presented before the Renault team for approval," a senior official of Bajaj Auto said on condition of anonymity. Three years ago, Bajaj Auto, Nissan Motors and Renault announced that they will work on a small car that was to be pitched against Tata Nano and was to be priced below Rs 2 lakh.

2012 renault fluence business plan

Add to circle Renault Fluence Z. You might not know it, but the Renault Fluence Z.

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Earlier this year, we got the chance to spend a few minutes driving a prototype Fluence Z. Background The Renault Fluence Z. Based upon its gasoline sibling -- the Fluence -- the Fluence Z.

This is to ensure that it retains the same Apart from the slightly longer body, the Fluence Z. Get closer, and the specially-designed grille, wheels and dual J charging ports hint at the all-electric drivetrain.

Unlike other electric cars on the market, the Renault Fluence Z. Customers will then be expected to enter into a monthly service contract with Renault in exchange for a fully maintained, fully guaranteed battery pack. Like a cellphone talk plan, the amount charged will vary according to how much the car is used.

For most markets, this is how Renault plans to sell the mid-size sedan.

2012 renault fluence business plan

But in Israel, Denmark and Australia, customers can opt to rent their car battery pack directly from Better Place. With an order ofFluence Z.

2012 renault fluence business plan

To do so would constitute a direct commercial challenge to Better Place. Page 1 of 2.Groupe Renault Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn today announced two steps forward in the company’s continued electrification of its Renault range, as outlined in the strategic plan Drive the Future: a new, affordable urban electric vehicle in , coming first to China, and new hybrid and plug-in hybrid options on three of its popular vehicles.

Renault says the Fluence Z.E. (for zero carbon dioxide emissions, locally) is aimed at private customers and fleet operators. Because of the price, the latter are more likely to be buyers.

Despite the high price and limited and unreliable range, business might be persuaded to buy electric cars like the Fluence if a green halo might boost its image. Scam Warning: (Examples of scams) Never wire money or financial info to a seller on the internet.

For your security, all transactions should be done in person.

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Put all that you have heard, read, watched and researched about the Renault Fluence to the test by requesting a quotation or find out about any current specials from an official Renault dealership.

Future Electric Motor Development Published: Oct Today, the motors that propel electric vehicles on land, through water and in the air are mainly brushless.

Swappable batteries arrive in Australia next year in a slick electric sedan built by Renault. The French automaker will introduce the Renault Fluence Z.E.

to Canberra, where Silicon Valley startup.

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